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Wine label for Quinta da Bichinha, a wine producer from Lisbon region, and this is Prima Casta Red wine for China Market. It is an elegant and distinct label and that's why we decided to use the black color and the foiled gold. The text below the brand's name is printed with a soft gray, overprinted with high screen built to reinforce the elegance of he label.
Another wine label for a Portuguese wine producer from the Lisbon region, inspired by Barcelo's cock (a traditional legend). This label was developed for Quinta da Bichinha, for the chinese market and is printed using black, foiled gold and high screen built on the brand's name.
100 Hectares is a Douro valley wine producer, from Portugal, and this label all in black an heavy gray, uses a soft paper and high screen built on the brand's name and squares above.
The brand and the squares above are inspired in the property's dimension, measured in Hectares and there are 100 squares on the top of the label. This is the 3rd label release, after the white and red wine.
100 hectares reservaSalamaleques

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